Monday, October 22, 2012

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zanes first solid food ...avocados !

Andrew "Zane" was baptised on October 13 2012
He did so good he just looked around and chewed on his chunky little fingers watching everyone just like he always does .I swear he is taking notes on everything and as soon ashe can he will write a book on all that we have done wrong as his staff and he will fire us all !  It was a great day fill ed with family and friends and of course good food

Friday, August 24, 2012

Andrew "Zane"

Here he is Mr Zane ..
We delivered on at 37 weeks because of my blood pruesser (again) on May 25th .He was 6 lbs and 18 inches long .Queen we will rock you was playing in the operating room it just happen to be the doctors and his big brother JD's favorite song of all time . When we got back into our room and the big brothers came in he turned towards their voices ,so neat that he recognized them.He makes little billy goat noises ,he was making them the moment he was born and has not stopped . Zane is a very very serious baby he takes it all in just checking us all out to make sure we are doing "it " right . After he was born I needed to have my gall bladder taken out and our aunt carol came to stay for a month to visit and help out ,so this is why I am just getting on here to blog about him .We are still getting up about every three hours to nurse sometimes he lets me get four hours ,I am hoping that ,that trend will continue because four hours of sleep are great .
  Because it has been 9 years mommy is second guessing everything ,just like a new mommy .lol.
I am having to remember all the words to the mommy songs I sang for the brothers ,the big boys helped me come up with the Zane story .That was neat for me and they are so cute with him . I dont think that I will ever get to stop saying easy boys gentle boys quite boys ...cause they are after all little boys ..It warms my heart to watch chad have "big talks" with him the way he did with the boys .Didnt realize how much I missed those talks .He is a finger sucker ,Jd loved the passifers Cj didnt like anything and now Zane loves his fingers .If he could just stop gagging himself that would be great ..He has some reflux problems but we are hoping that he grows out of that soon .OH OH OH and he rolled over to his back just this past tuesday ! ...he hasnt bee nable to do it again but.... that will come
Promise to blog more often ..after all I need to have his life in print too dont I